OUR Team

Meet the INNOWIA team, a passionate group of experts dedicated to your success. With diverse skills and a shared commitment to excellence, we’re here to make your digital transformation journey a success. Discover the faces driving your business forward.

Sunil Sharma

Director of Operations

With over 20 years of experience in E-Commerce, Travel, Financial Services, and Technology Solutions, Sunil has been equipped with unparalleled expertise in Operations Management, Business Strategy, and Sales & Marketing through his journey with esteemed organizations like ClarityTTS, GoobyFlight, Cheapoair, and GE.

His approach is characterized by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Specializing in translating business goals into actionable plans, crafting efficient business strategies, and elevating the product management sphere to enhance the overall customer experience are his forte.

Diverse teams across project development, marketing, operations, and more have been led by him, always with the aim of achieving remarkable outcomes through collaboration and strategic leadership.

At the core of his professional journey lies the art of building and nurturing strong business relationships. Trust with partners and stakeholders is maintained and fostered, with a constant drive to align collective visions with organizational objectives. His significant involvement in the startup ecosystem, particularly in E-Commerce and Travel, has made him pivotal in driving projects from their conception to successful execution.

Guided by innovation, growth, and an unwavering pursuit of success, he is dedicated to pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards.

Kajal Malhotra

Associate Director HR

15 years of experience as an HR leader, during which she has developed the capacity to anticipate bottlenecks and devise effective alternative solutions. Have exposure to the entire employee life cycle in terms of HR skills. Kajal’s areas of expertise include strategic management, compliance, succession planning, and change management. She has diverse experience in the ITES business. Prior to joining Innowia, she worked with Carlson Wagonlit, Interglobe (IGT), and Claridge’s, where she was instrumental in the development of certain best HR practices.

Measurement and Reporting Continuous Improvement

We believe that progress must be constantly measured to make room for timely improvement. Via automated dashboards using Power BI and accurate MIS reporting, we ensure that we review, realign and continuously improve processes for maximum gain share.


Innovation is imagination at work. At Innowia, we let imagination flow freely and endlessly. Innovating and providing continuous support to our clients with the latest that technology has to offer. With robotic process automation and business intelligence, we provide personalized, modern and effective solutions that meet your business’s evolving needs.


As times and client needs change, being agile and adaptive is the only way forward. At Innowia, we are trained to be flexible, every step of the way. Whether it is a rapid ramp-up to cater to a special business need or a strategy to execute a seasonal requirement, we’ve got you covered. Our diversely skilled workforce is trained to support our agile thinking.


One of our most basic tenets and one that the world needs more of. At Innowia, every vendor operation is completely transparent, from planning to delivery. Our robust governance model uses a unified and scalable Power Business Intelligence platform to provide monthly and quarterly business reviews so clients can stay in tune with project progress.

Transition Management

Change is the only thing that has brought progress to our world and when you change to Innowia, you transition to hassle-free business processes. Using best practices, we engage with our clients across functions to set up processes, procedures and technology tailor made to meet their needs.

Operational Excellence

Perfection may be unattainable, but in the chase towards perfection, we can hope to arrive at excellence. Setting the right objectives, key results and performance indicators, we ensure adept operations for our clients. With focus on customer satisfaction via CSAT & NPS, we strive to deliver superior CX.

Workforce Management

The quality of a team defines the quality of its performance. At Innowia, we pride ourselves on having a well-defined recruitment framework, robust training programmes and efficient performance management at every intersection. This foundation of a dynamic, cross-skilled workforce enables us to provide the best-in-class services to our clients with significant cost-savings

Cost Effectivenes

Every business looks for cost-effective solutions to enable smoother operations. At Innowia, that’s exactly what we serve. Providing process improvements with a focussed approach on accuracy and quality, we ensure that we exceed expectations with innovative and cost-effective solutions, all the time, every time.